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Climate Change Articles.

History Of Climate Change

The topic of climate change is in the news frequently these days. CO2 emissions, the greenhouse effect, and melting polar ice caps are all common household terms. Some may think it's a new phenomenon that people started talking about recently. However, scientists began to notice dramatic changes in the Earth's atmosphere and warming temperatures over one hundred years ago.


Understanding Climate Change

It is important to understand global warming and climate change. Warmer temperatures on Earth mean our environment has to adapt to higher temperatures. Global warming affects the seasons, our ocean waters and polar ice caps. It also affects our weather. There is more to the problem that has scientists all over the world concerned about a warming planet.


The High Cost of Climate Change

Imagine Alaska's permafrost disappearing. Roads, buildings and natural habitats would be at risk. What would Louisiana be like without New Orleans because it had sunk into the sea? The changes from the planet warming by a few degrees would be drastic. Milder winters and hotter, dryer summers might become the normal climate pattern. Water management in a region where large farms and ranches rely on ground water for irrigation may become difficult. How would that impact America's ability to produce enough food for a growing population? And you might think twice about buying that coastal beach house if its risk of sinking into the ocean before you can finish paying the mortgage.


Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

A 56-page report co-authored by a group of leading politicians and economists titled “Risky Business” laid out the devastating effects of climate change and the pro-active, speedy response the business sector needed to take to address the problems the world was already facing economically from global warming. Investing in methods to prevent the worst of predicted outcomes would not only save money in the short-term, but in the long run reverse the damaging effects of climate change. The fact that even the business sector recognizes the coming catastrophe shows that more people are accepting the truth that climate change is real and something must be done now.


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